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Scrap Gold

Sell Scrap Gold in Westchester NY

Scrap gold is a term that includes a plethora of items you might have in your home, from the heirloom passed on from generation to generation in your family, to the gold crown made by your dentist, and anything in between. Unlike other gold items, you can sell scrap gold regardless of the condition of the accessories because refiners are nowadays able to recover its value.

Common sources of scrap gold

The volatility and political instability of the international markets we’ve experienced in the past five years have not only contributed to the historical price of gold today, but have also made investors more resourceful in their search for gold. To put it simply, investors and average people alike have started searching for scrap gold in the most unusual places, including:

  • Electronic devices (connection strips, connectors, soldered joints, relay contacts and wires)
  • Glassmakers’ workshops (gold can be used in glass both as a facility’s climate controller as well as a color pigment)
  • Abandoned buildings that used to serve as manufacturing facilities for heavy industries
  • Computers’ circuit boards (particularly in the edge connectors employed for attaching various components)
  • The dentists’ offices (the leftovers that are too small to be utilized in manufacturing false teeth and are usually tossed out)
  • Certain decorative objects found at flea markets (there are high chances that you passed by items with gold inlaid simply because its appearance became tarnished and hence, difficult to identify)
  • Old family jewelry

Irrespective of its form, gold is a type of precious metal that always has value. I It doesn’t matter whether your gold ring or gold necklace is worn, broken, scratched, or twisted, as the jewel can be easily melted down and used to create a brand new trinket.



Why Sell Scrap Gold?

Selling scrap gold has become incredibly popular in the past few years for the following reasons:

  • As of August 2013, its value has increased exponentially over the years; one gram of 18K gold is worth over $1,300.
  • There is a high demand in fast-developing countries like China and Brazil.
  • Selling scrap gold is a fast and easy way to make extra cash.

Scrap gold necklaces and bracelets

scrap-gold-necklaces-and-bracelets-193x130How to Sell Scrap Gold

Bring us your scrap gold and we will give you an appraisal and cash offer on the spot. Whether you bring us a bag of gold chess pieces, or an antique set with gold trimming, our professionals can handle your request.

Scrap Gold We Buy:

  • Gold in watches and watch cases
  • Gold in figurines and sculptures
  • Gold in antiques
  • Gold in picture frames
  • Dental gold
  • Dining sets