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Gold Jewelry

Because it is one of the most wearer-friendly ornaments  withunique appeal, gold jewelry is an old time classic accessory that you can be certain will never go out of style. Moreover, gold is a type of precious metal that doesn’t react with other elements and hence, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions or staining due to tarnish.

How much is your gold jewelry worth?

The amount of cash you should expect to earn from selling old, unfashionable or broken trinkets mainly depends on the percentage of pure gold that your ring, necklace, earrings, or bracelet contains. The gold purity is typically measured with the Karat (K) standing; the higher the karat number inscribed on your accessory, the higher percentage of gold and consequentially, the greater the item’s overall value.

  • Jewelry carrying a 24K marking means you have a pure gold item.
  • The 18K marking is used on accessories containing 75% gold and 25% other metals.
  • A jewel with 14K marking implies that the item contains 58.3% gold.
  • The 12K mark indicates that your jewelry contains 50% gold.
  • The 10K marking suggests the jewelry contain 41.7% gold; it is also the minimum accepted karat standing that can actually be called “gold” in both European and the United States markets.



What other metals are added into gold jewelry?

As previously mentioned, only accessories with a 24k marking indicate a pure gold piece of jewelry, while the rest of the markings suggest the gold is mixed with other metals. I It is necessary to mention that pure gold is actually very soft, and hence, impractical for daily wear. Therefore, in order to make the jewelry more durable, metallurgists add other metals that also permit them to alter the color of the gold. More often than not, you can tell what metals were used in the alloy based on the colors’ pattern, meaning:

  • Yellow gold jewelry contains gold, copper, and silver.
  • Gold jewelry with golden accents contains gold and copper.
  • Gold jewelry with green accents contains gold, silver, and zinc/cadmium.
  • White gold jewelry contains gold with nickel, palladium, or a mixture of the two metals.

Why sell your gold jewelry?

Is your gold jewelry outdated and/or are you just bored of it? Maybe you had gold jewelry passed down to you from your family elders. There are many reasons to why you would want cash for your gold jewelry. Whatever your reason to sell your gold jewelry is, our friendly staff is here to give you fair prices and great service.

How to sell your gold jewelry

We are ready to pay cash for your gold jewelry. Our friendly and professional staff can appraise your gold jewelry and pay you top dollar. We buy gold of all karats – 10k, 14k, 18K, 24k – and gold of all colors – yellow, gold, rose. Whether your jewelry has gems in it or is just plain gold, we can appraise it properly and pay you on the spot.