Because it is a symbol and a medium of value, gold has been the preferred currency since the ancient times. In fact, historical evidence suggests that gold has become an officially recognized standard of exchange around 700 B.C. in the Kingdom of Lydia (now Western Turkey).

Nowadays, gold is mainly used for investing in a safe haven against inflation and economic collapseI Investors’ interest in buying and selling gold has grown dramatically following the economic crisis of 2008, when industrialized nations across the world, including the United States, reported a huge increase of the paper money supply and the inevitable inflation associated with it.

What is the real value of gold today?

While gold is employed in the field of dentistry and in the electronics industries, gold coins, bullion, jewelry, and adornments will remain the principal method of investment. The consequence here is that the demand for gold and its current real value depends on the investment potential of the precious metal. Unlike numerous other trading commodities – oil, wheat, cotton, etc. – the price of gold correlates with its appeal to investors.

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Why buy gold?

Considering that the one digit interest rates provided by the National Reserve are enough to scare anyone with a basic knowledge i of the economy, it’s no wonder that many perceive gold as their very own lighthouse in the raging storm. Let’s explore the reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in gold at this point.

  1. Inflation
  2. Political instability
  3. The decrease in natural supplies
  4. The Cyprus effect
  5. The increased demand for gold in emerging markets

Why sell gold?

Even though there are numerous rumors regarding upcoming volatility of gold investments in the following months, for the time being, the price is relatively stable. Because of the low risk of price fluctuations and the fact that gold has reached its highest value within the past three decades, some financial experts consider this is the perfect time to sell. Here are four reasons why selling gold now makes sense:

  1. You need cash fast to pay off your debt
  2. You own broken or damaged jewelry
  3. Taking advantage of the high value of gold
  4. Selling gold could help you protect your assets

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