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In case you are interested in purchasing a diamond ring that will sweep your fiancée off her feet or, on the contrary, you’re trying to get rid of a pair of diamond earrings, then it’s important to choose the right dealer for this task. With a GIA Graduate Gemologist on site, you can be sure you will receive expert advice and top dollar for any diamond you are interested to sell. We at CE Coins Exchange promise you 100% professionalism, privacy, integrity, and at the same time, we guarantee to guide you smoothly throughout the entire buying/selling process.

Why buy diamonds?

Because we are aware of the fact that purchasing a diamond is not something you do on a whim, we put together a list of reasons in regards to why some people choose to invest in GIA certified diamonds:

  • Because every important aspect you need to know about your stone will be described in the certificate, you’ll know exactly what you’re buying
  • In the event that you want to sell, you’ll avoid a lot of hassle due to potential misunderstandings
  • You will know for a fact that you’re not buying a fracture filled diamond
  • You can be certain that you’ve spent your cash on a natural diamond
  • You will be investing in a valuable stone with a great ROI potential


Why sell diamonds?

In case you are strapped for cash, or worse, are at risk of having your utilities cut off unless you pay the bills immediately, you could get the money you need by selling a diamond ring, necklace, or earrings. However, obtaining some quick cash in a desperate situation is not the only reason people sell diamonds nowadays. Other reasons may include:

  • Due to the escalating interest in diamonds of the middle class in China and India, the stone’s prices have increased considerably since 2011. Therefore, selling your diamonds now could lend you a hefty profit
  • If the diamond ring you hold in your drawer is a constant reminder of your ex and your divorce, then it might be a good idea to sell it and move on with your life

Diamonds we buy

We are interested in buying all types and shapes of diamonds for which we are prepared to offer the most competitive pricing. 


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