Even though it is true that platinum has a shorter history in the worldwide financial sector compared to gold and even silver, its scarcity and high demand in the automobile manufacturing industry make it a solid and secure investment. Therefore, if you’re serious about securing yourself and your loved ones’ future, then platinum might be just the thing for you.

Platinum versus white gold

More often than not, people tend to confuse platinum with white gold. However, white gold represents an alloy of gold with white metals like palladium, zinc, or silver; for enhanced durability, white gold pieces are covered in rhodium. On the other hand, platinum is a heavier, stronger, and naturally white metal and all items made of this metal are usually purer (they contain around 95% platinum).

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Why buy platinum?

Being a very rare metal, 100 times more scarce than gold, platinum makes a great investment for any serious entrepreneur, because:

  • It represents an insurance against currency devaluation and inflation
  • It will hold its value much better during economic and political turmoil compared to fiat currency
  • It will always have an intrinsic value
  • It is at high demand in various industries and the main material employed for manufacturing laboratory equipment, resistances, thermometers, catalytic converters, electric contacts as well as dentistry equipment
  • The supply is constricted, especially since platinum mine managers in the world’s biggest producers, such as South Africa, which accounts for 75% of the annual production of platinum, are unhappy with current production expenses and costs
  • It is a vital metal for the auto industry in China and India, countries that are highly interested in manufacturing vehicles via an efficient diesel emission control system

Why sell platinum?

While it is normal to believe that entrepreneurs trade platinum to make money, if you were to dig deeper into the precious metal market, you will get a new and better understanding about why people actually sell platinum. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider selling platinum:

  • This precious metal constitutes a great investment for the buyers’ future financial stability and prosperity, and therefore, selling even a troy ounce of platinum could yield you hundreds of dollars instantly
  • Platinum helps you avoid all pitfalls of any particular currency
  • Selling platinum items you no longer want provides you with that extra cash you need for making further investments

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