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FULL DATES 2 Rolls of 50 ea $10 Face Value 90% Silver Mercury Dimes

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FULL DATES 2 Rolls of 50 ea $10 Face Value 90% Silver Mercury Dimes

Product Description

2 Rolls of 50 mixed & full date 90% silver mercury dimes in average circulated condition. This listing is for TWO rolls of 50 pieces EACH. All coins will be packaged in a plastic tube.

The Mercury dime was a silver ten cent piece minted from 1916-1945. Although commonly referred to as a ‘Mercury’ dime, the obverse actually depicts a profiled bust of Liberty with a winged Phrygian cap, and is sometimes also referred to as a ‘Winged Liberty head dime’. Confusion first came about in 1916, the Mercury dimes first year of issue, when the public mistook Liberty with a winged cap for the Roman god Mercury, god of financial gain, commerce, thieves and trickery. The reverse illustrates a fasces to represent unity and strength, and an olive branch to symbolize peace. Mint marks when present are located between the base of the olive branch and the ‘E’ in ‘ONE’. The inception of the Mercury dime came about through the confusion over a previously enacted bill which stated after twenty five years patterns on the dime, quarter, and half dollar could be changed without Congressional approval. Officials at the mint mistook this piece of legislation as the pattern needed to be changed and opened a formal competition. Adolph Weinman, an architectural sculptor, won the designs for the half dollar and dime, and minting began in 1916. Weinman’s initials can be seen on the obverse, to the right of Liberty’s neck. Parameters set for the Mercury Dime are as follows: .900, .100 copper composition, a net weight of .07234 oz. pure silver, total weight of 2.5 grams and featured a 17.9 mm diameter with a reeded edge.

Additional Info

Denomination Dime
Condition Circulated
Mint / Brand Varies
Metal Type Silver
Aggregate Precious Metal Weight in oz 7.1500
SKU JunkSilver-20

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