1921 High Relief $1 Silver Peace Dollar NGC XF Detail Harshly Cleaned Scratched

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1921 High Relief $1 Silver Peace Dollar NGC XF Detail Harshly Cleaned Scratched

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A 1921 High Relief (Philadelphia Struck) Silver Peace Dollar graded Extremely Fine (XF) Details (Harshly Cleaned, Scratched) by NGC. This piece displays a grey silver color/tone with inconsistent toning on the reverse, light visible luster in the outer most peripheries, signs of cleaning and scratches and very nice visible details. The total mintage for this date & mint: 1,006,473. Please view our photos for additional information and ask any questions prior to purchase.

Peace Dollars are silver dollars that were minted from 1921-1928, and resumed again from 1934-1935. The Peace Dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, superseded the Morgan Dollar under the Pittman Act of 1918. This mandated that the United States Mint strike millions of legal tender silver dollars to replenish the population following the melting of 270,232,722 Morgan Dollars. In accordance with the Pittman Act, the previously melted pieces were to be restruck in 1921 using George T. Morgan’s design. However, Numismatists lobbied the U.S. Mint to redesign the silver dollar to commemorate the peace era following World War 1, to no avail. Although Congress dismissed the request for a redesign, lobbyists were able to persuade government officials to approve the action, and in December of 1921 U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon passed the bill. Following the approval for the redesign, on December 28th, 1921 the first peace dollars were struck, with a total mintage of 1,006,473 and on January 3, 1922, were placed in circulation. The pieces featured a high relief bust of the goddess of Liberty in profile, with Francisci’s monogram in the field under the neck and the date directly below on the obverse. The reverse features a bald eagle in the resting position clutching an olive branch with the word ‘PEACE’ below. The Peace Dollar followed the same parameters as the previous Morgan Dollar; 412.5 grains of .900 fine silver, .100 copper, a net weight of .77344 ounces pure silver, and a total weight of 26.73 grams (0.942873 oz.) featuring a reeded edge and 38.1 mm diameter. Succeeding the first peace dollars that were struck bearing the date 1921, the first 35,401 Peace Dollars of 1922 adopted the same design. However, after the high relief was found to be impractical for minting, the design was lowered to a shallow relief and most of the original 35,401 pieces were melted. In 1928, when the Pittman Act requirements were fulfilled, the mint halted the production of Peace Dollars, however in 1934 & 1935, they were restruck following additional legislation.

Additional Info

Denomination $1
Condition Circulated
Grade Designation XF Details (Harshly Cleaned, Scratched)
Mint / Brand Philadelphia Mint
Metal Type Silver
Aggregate Precious Metal Weight in oz 0.7734
SKU Morgan Dollars:mds-1921xfDet/7

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