Paper Currency

Rare vintage banknotesDue to an increased demand for older notes and a fixed supply, paper currency collecting has grown exponentially over the past few years, and collecting banknotes has become as popular as coin collecting.

Proper storage is crucial

Even though banknotes are more artistic and fascinating overall, it is important to note that their biggest weakness is that they’re rather fragile. Unlike coins, bills are typically made out of paper and, hence, very sensitive to the elements. Therefore, if you’re considering collecting paper currency, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Store your collection in a room where the temperature is between 68°F and 75°F, while the humidity levels do not exceed 55%
  • Always wear soft cotton gloves and use a pair of studded tweezers when handling the paper bills to avoid contaminating them.
  • Invest in pages and sleeves that are made from archival-grade materials

Why buy paper currency?

Collectors worldwide have turned to paper currency not only because of their intrinsic value, but also because these bills are true pieces of art with extraordinary detail work, from which you can learn a lot about the society and history of the time they were issued. To put it simply, adding paper bills to your currency collection could increase its overall value because:

  • They are quite rare, considering that old banknotes are destroyed with new iteration of currency
  • The minute details make them incredible works of art
  • Each banknote constitutes a little piece of the history, place and the people of a country

Old brazilian moneyWhy sell paper currency?

Similar to the coin market, the paper currency market has been fairly stable over the past few years and it has a good history of upward prices. Selling your paper bill collections makes sense if you’re interested in making an exceptional profit or getting the sum of cash you need for investing in other areas of your collection. Keep in mind that the value of a bill is not determined by age, but rather by rarity, demand, and condition.

Paper currency we buy

CE Coins Exchange is always interested in acquiring rare and collectible United States paper currency. We are strong buyers of all paper currency, regardless of whether you own an entire collection or a single banknote. We buy:

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Paper currency we sell

If you’re having trouble acquiring a note, then you can rely on us to find it for you and possibly further assist you with your want list. CE Coins Exchange is currently selling paper currency from these categories:

  • National Banknotes
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