Silver Spotlight: True Patriot Round

Silver Spotlight True Patriot Coin
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Coins & Currency

The 2020 True Patriot Silver Round is the latest annual series to be struck in the United States. It makes a wonderful gift for family or friends and is intricately designed in a manner that has caught the attention of silver collectors both in and outside the USA.


The True Patriot round was conceived and created by Joel Iskowitz, who is a noted Master Designer with tremendous experience. The rounds are designed to honor the American patriots who took up arms at the famous Revolutionary battles of Concord and Lexington. These brave men went into battle against the British, and were ready to sacrifice their lives to uphold the USA and the values it represents.

Coin Highlights

On the coin’s obverse side, you can see an outline of the American soldier who is marching with his unit flag on top of a shortened pole. The outline is filled up with a field that is brilliantly mirrored, and in the background behind him the figure boasts of the stars and stripes, which are present in the American flag. The coin’s purity, metal content and weight can also be seen.

On the reverse side, the Statue of Liberty is visible in the foreground. It is designed in such a way where the viewer feels as if they are standing near the statue’s base, looking up at the towering figure as Lady Liberty’s stoic gaze looks across the horizon into the Atlantic.  This statue has stood in New York Harbor for over one hundred and thirty years, staring into the east. The large torch she carries can also be seen, along with a bald eagle, which is America’s national animal and the symbol of both power and longevity which soars above. An image of the American flag can be seen inside the background, which flutters due to a breeze.

Silver has played a key role in American history. It was first utilized as a standard which was determined by the Spaniard milled dollar around 1785. This fiscal arrangement was then codified in the Mint and Coinage Act of 1792, and the U.S. government tasked its Bank of the United States to maintain the reserves, while establishing a ratio between the dollar and gold which was fixed. This was essentially a silver standard, because banks at the time were not required to maintain silver for the backing of their own currency. A number of attempts were made to establish a bimetallic based standard for the USD, and such attempts would continue into the 1920s. Ultimately, silver and gold were considered legal tender, along with the Spaniard real.

Grades And Value

The True Patriot round is sold within plastic flips which protects it and it has a finish which is reverse proof. All the silver which is present in the round was mined inside the Continental United States and was minted at the Asahi Refining facility in Miami, Florida. Each unit is comprised of one troy ounce of silver with a purity of .999 percent