Roberto Legnazzi Jewelry Review

Roberto Legnazzi Jewelry Review
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

Legnazzi is an esteemed family of Italian jewelers who have been in operation for more than four generations. Over the last century they’ve managed to accomplish what most jewelry houses can only dream of, which is expanding their collection worldwide with a style that is both elegant and timeless.

Origins of Legnazzi

Legnazzi first established his workshop in Valenza in 1911. Early on patrons recognized the exceptional detail that was put into the jewelry, along with the innovative techniques used in its production. Unlike other jewelers at the time, who mass produced their merchandise for a wide audience, Legnazzi instead focused on customized jewels that were individualized to specific clientele. This combined with his understanding of the hottest fashion trends and classical jewelry design allowed him to build a reputation which expanded across Italy and beyond.

Legnazzi Design Characteristics

While Legnazzi is known for producing spectacular jewelry of all types, they are most famous for their bracelets and earrings. For instance, some of their bracelets feature legendary creatures like chimeras which are crafted in natural coral with 18 karat gold. Legnazzi bracelets are also frequently accented through the usage of cabochon emeralds which can come with dozens of diamonds. Other bracelets come with tourmalines which are green in color and matched with yellow gold.

Their cuff bracelets are both distinctive as well as bold, and are crafted using white gold which is centered with a couple of prominent citrines which use an emerald cut, that are edged in gold that is exceptionally polished. Other bracelets use a strip of diamonds which are white in color and accented. They fit well on both small and medium sized wrists and when combined with a citrine that is honey colored makes the perfect jewelry for evening wear.

The bangles are also quite dazzling, since they are designed with gold and diamonds that use a round cut for each tip that is combined with spring hinges and green and red emeralds which are polished to perfection. Many of the stones used by this jeweler are hydrothermal quartz, which have a number of unique properties. The ends of Legnazzi bracelets are usually designed in such a way where they can open sideways, which allows them to fit on the wrist of any woman.

Legnazzi Earrings

Legnazzi earrings are rare and expensive. They feature exotic materials such as tourmaline and Rubelite, with quartz stones that are rich in color and masterfully cut. They are also polished in a manner that is akin to classical Venetian glass, and look marvelous on any woman that is lucky enough to wear them. These earrings are distinct in that they feature clips in the rear which make them easy to put on and take off, and they also incorporate 18 karate gold. Legnazzi earrings and jewelry is also durable and will not easily chip, scratch or crack like the stones of other jewelers.