How To Properly Layer Jewelry

layer jewelry
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

In jewelry manufacturing, the term “layered” usually refers to the electrical process.  It works by using a base metal, such as brass, which is then submerged within plating solution after which electrical current is transmitted through the solution and the object that is being plated. Solutions come in many forms, and will usually be chosen based on the color of the metal and the amount that will be plated.

During the layering process individual atoms will be moved from the solution and then onto the object that is being plated. When done correctly the plating will be deposited evenly and will display varying levels of thickness. As with any coating, it can be worn off over time or may last for a long time depending on its thickness and the extent to which the jewelry is cared for. Layering is a process that requires chemicals which are exceptionally corrosive and thus must be done with care and safety.

Layered Jewelry Is Not Just Science, But Art

While the process may sound a bit technical, there is great artistry involved in the layering process. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be done in a factory, and with equipment and knowledge can be done at home, which is good news for those that enjoy making their own jewelry as a hobby.

Layered bracelets in particular are extremely attractive due to their flair, and when designing them its best to start with a piece that is chunky, such as a bangle or chain, after which you can add on pieces which are daintier. When done this way, the thicker piece won’t hit against the wrist of the wearer constantly and they will also be able to push it upwards along their arm to alter their look. The same principle can also be applied to watches.

Stackable Rings

One of the hottest trends in the jewelry making business right now is rings which are stackable. While some designers opt for rings which are dainty, others prefer statement pieces. No matter which option you prefer, both are perfectly compatible with the layering process. To layer more than one ring, you will want to start with a few silver or gold bands which are thin and then mix them together to create pieces which are unique. Mixing metals is very hot right now in the jewelry industry.

Statement Pieces

A statement piece is a type of jewelry that pairs well. It consists of various combinations so a great designer will experiment to come up with something that is truly magnificent. One of the most challenging types of statement pieces to layer however is necklaces. However, the effort is worth it since mastery results in jewelry that is sexy and unforgettable. The key to success is utilizing the various lengths. You will want to begin with the part that is shortest or longest and then build from it. If you’re looking to design a necklace with a delicate style then each part should manifest this.