Jewelry Spotlight: Pearls

by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

There is fabulous jewelry on the market which showcases intricate pearl design. These pieces range from earrings which are 14 carat gold to necklaces, bracelets and everything in between. Below are some reasons why pearls are so coveted, and how best to wear them.

Our Obsession With Pearls

Pearls have a timeless appeal among designers and consumers alike because they can be used in larger sizes and shapes which are abstract (like baroque) and placed in a variety of accessories, which range from suede jackets to hand bags and even footwear. In fact, accessorizing this type of jewelry has become quite popular, especially among Millennials and the younger crowd who no longer associate them with their grandparents. Pearls are showing up in prominent fashion houses ranging from Oscar de la Renta to Chanel, and are being worn by prominent people ranging from celebrities to royalty.

Pearls have a versatility which is simply unmatched by many gems. They can be worn during the daytime or evening, with formal clothing or casual wear, and as such cater to a larger range of individuals. The difference between them and gems is that they are not necessarily about bling or flash. Rather, they attract people like a magnet due to their radiating warmth which simply isn’t possible with most gemstones, even diamonds. When worn, pearls will never upstage you. Instead, they will give you a poised, powerful and yet glamorous aura.

How To Wear Pearls

Pearls can be mismatched to create a timeless look. For instance, you can adorn a single heirloom stud and the other in the form of a modern drop earring. This will convey a style showing that you’re open minded and prepared to go against expectations. Also, don’t be afraid to use them as piercings. Whether the earrings are delicate or grunge, make sure they are in close proximity to your ears. You can also try pearls that are ear cuff to create a look that is more playful.

Those who are looking for something other than white have many options available. Combining different pearl shades can produce amazing results, especially when a traditional white strand is combined with Tahitian or pink colored pearls. Even better is when they are layered into necklaces. To create a glow like effect, combine grey pearls with silver, white or yellow.  One trend that has become very popular this year is merging pearls with jewelry pieces in a manner that is intricate yet subtle. These range from chokers with pearl drops to minimalist floating rings.

Hoop earrings in particular are wildly popular, in multiple styles and sizes, as well as chain necklaces which are princess length. While the yellow gold/pearl combo has dominated the market for years, rose gold is starting to see increased demand. A growing number of designers are incorporating pearls into their photo shoots as well as runway shows, which has greatly contributed to their popularity even among the younger generation.