The Advantages of Using Rubber In Luxury Watches

Luxury Watches
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

When most people think of materials for luxury watches, they envision things such as gold, platinum, silver, gems or titanium. But there is another, unexpected material that is taking the industry by storm and it is none other than rubber. Below are some reasons why it has become one of the hottest new materials among watchmakers.

Rubber on Luxury Watches Is Exceptionally Versatile

Watchmakers such as Zodiac and Hublot choose rubber due to its great versatility. For instance, their field straps come in multiple sizes, the most popular of which is 20 mm. The rubber is unvulcanized and will fit the majority of their timepieces, including the Super Sea Wolf 68 and Super Sea Wolf 53. Zodiac watches are especially favored by divers due to their vintage looks and vibrant color tones, which is difficult to achieve with other materials.

Rubber on Luxury Watches Feels Comfortable On The Skin

It is a must that luxury watches be comfortable to wear, even over long periods of time and in extreme environments. Rubber straps fit the bill perfectly, and are sold in multiple varieties. Traditionally, field straps were constructed of materials such as fabric or nylon, but the usage of rubber has made watches more comfortable to wear while providing added security. The mechanisms behind this are the springs. If one of the springs is detached from its case (which is responsible for connecting the strap to the watch) then the watch itself won’t fully disconnect from the wrist of the wearer. This is critically important in activities such as diving, skiing, sky diving or other extreme sports.

The reason the watch doesn’t completely disconnect is because the spring bar that remains by itself is sufficient to keep the watch secure and in place. Aside from professional athletes and outdoorsman, this has made rubber a sought after material in luxury watches that are designed for police or military units, who don’t need the distraction of their watch coming apart in a high stress situation.

Rubber on Luxury Watches Is Extremely Durable

It must be emphasized that the rubber used in high end watches is not the same material that is found in common rubber bands. Rather, it is a premium grade formation which is produced by a specialized manufacturer, usually in Italy. Not only is this rubber high in durability, but it is also waterproof, which is a necessity for those that spend lots of time submerged. It is also resistant to salt, corrosion and ultraviolet light. The internal and external surface incorporates a texture which is ribbed, that boosts its cosmetic appearance while simultaneously making it comfortable to wear. Straps made of this rubber are compatible with multiple brands and materials such as stainless steel or titanium. All of these characteristic make rubber a material that watchmakers around the world will continue to use and experiment with in their never ending quest to produce the perfect timepiece.