Stylish Jewelry Ideas For Spring 2019

spring 2019 jewelry ideas
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

Spring is a time of revitalization, when flowers bloom and the weather begins to turn warm. It is also a time in which fashion trends begin to shift, particularly those involving jewelry. Below are some stylish jewelry ideas for spring that will set the tone for the rest of the year, and which will bring new life to your wardrobe.

Byzantine Jewelry

The term “Byzantine” is used to describe the Eastern Roman Empire, a region which was distinct from its more famous Western counterpart. The jewelry style from this time period has come back in full force this year, with thick Italian chains made of gold, which are distinctive for their textures and braids. This type of jewelry is also prized for the lapis, which is a gemstone that is opaque and which can create a soothing feel to any jewelry it appears in. A stretch lapis bracelet will highlight your wrist, especially when worn with the right pendant or earring.

Authentic Byzantine jewelry is that which was made between the 4th century AD and 1400s and as you can imagine, is hard to find and carries a fabulous price tag when you do. The Cross appears frequently in this jewelry style, as Christianity had become an important religion in the empire. Byzantium was also known for its wealth, especially gold, and a lot of the jewelry produced during that time period features it. Gemstones were popular as well, particularly beryl, garnets, corundum and pearls. Bangles were also extremely popular, and it wasn’t unusual for multiple to be worn on the arms simultaneously.

Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry refers to jewels which are second hand. It includes pieces which were manufactured recently as well as decades ago. Sometimes a couple will purchase a ring for a wedding, only to cancel the event, and the ring or wedding band will then be sold to a jeweler. Generally speaking, estate jewelry refers to anything that was made over the previous thirty years, whereas antique jewelry is anything which was made more than a century ago.  There are a number of reasons why estate jewelry has become more popular in 2019. Many think it is because of economic considerations Some people lack the spending power that they had a few years ago, so purchasing a piece of jewelry which is second hand is far more cost effective.


The lapis is without a doubt this year’s hottest gemstone. Its distinct appearance adds flair to any jewelry it is placed in, especially bracelets. Lapis also looks good when combined with gold or opal. Some designers place it inside pendants which are accented with diamonds.  It can be combined with blue topaz to make the perfect earrings or used in a ring that has multiple stones. The design options with this gem are endless, as are the many different ways in which it can be worn.