Hublot MDM Automatic Watch Review

Hublot MDM Automatic Watch
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Vintage & Luxury Watches

The Hublot MDM Automatic Watch is so impressive that many believe it has single handedly put the company into the spotlight. Although based in Switzerland, compared to its rivals the company had been obscure until recently. The introduction of this watch and the creative marketing which was used to promote it has established Hublot as a formidable industry player.

Company Overview

Hublot is one of the newest Swiss watchmakers, having been established in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. He had previously been employed by the Binda Group and the knowledge he gained while employed there allowed him to build his own company. Hublot was the very first watchmaker to incorporate natural rubber in the strap, a feat which took years to develop, and shortly after the company’s Basel Watch Fair debut it went on to earn millions of dollars within the first year. The name Hublot in French means “porthole” which is a reference to the classical design which is reminiscent of porthole windows that can be found on sailing vessels.

Today Hublot is perhaps best known for its fusion style watches, which utilize rare metals, leather, fabrics, rubber and ceramics to provide total comfort and style to wearers. Its research and development division has continued experimenting with new materials, one of the most recent of which is an alloy named King Gold. The success of the company has led to its watches being worn by the likes of musicians, athletes, artists and European royalty.

Watch Highlights

The MDM Automatic is both stunning and functional. It has the style of a sophisticated timepiece that was designed for serious people. The design and theme of the bezel is intricate in every respect, and the construction is high quality, with a steel buckle and strap made of rubber that is a bit sporty. Like other timepieces made in Switzerland, the mechanical movement is exceptionally accurate and it utilizes a power reserve that lasts fifty hours, which is far superior to the typical ETA standard.

The case is made of stainless steel with a silver tone and strap colored in black. The dial is the same color as the strap, with hands that use a silver tone and markers that are index hour. The dial type used is analog, with a movement that is automatic and sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratches. The back of the case is solid with a rounded exterior that is approximately 37 mm. The case has a thickness of 8 mm with functions that include second, hour, minute and date.

Hublot’s design philosophy is based around the idea that watches should be stylish without sacrificing friendliness. While most Swiss timepieces are classy enough to be worn at any black tie occasions with ease, many of these same watches are not durable enough to be worn during outdoor adventures and other extreme activities. The goal of the MDM automatic is to achieve both within the same timepiece, and it has succeeded.