The Hottest Watch Trends From Baselworld 2019

watch trends baselworld 2019
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Vintage & Luxury Watches

Baselworld is the largest and most exclusive event for both jewelry and watch manufacturers, giving them an opportunity to showcase their newest designs and styles. It is also the perfect venue for discovering the hottest watch trends that are taking the industry by storm in 2019.

Steel Sports Watches Made With Integrated Bracelets

Consumers have demanded watches which are elegant, yet designed for sports with cases that have bracelets integrated within them. This trend likely emerged due to the success of steel Rolex timepieces and the Nautilus by Patek Philippe, which has forced other watchmakers to come out with their own variants of the bracelet watch, particularly for men. Watches with bracelets that are integrated are desirable because when needed they can be worn either formally or casually, giving them unmatched versatility.

Watches Which Showcase A Range Of Vibrant Colors

Traditionally, high end watches have been made mostly with non-traditional colors such as black or white (especially in the dials), but recently have begun appearing in colors such as red, yellow and orange, with a special emphasis on green or blue. While such colors in watches in the past were seen as being too feminine, they have now become accepted and sought after. For manufacturers this is good news as producing color variations is simple compared to developing new movements or cases and gives them the opportunity to make their products more distinct.

Watches Made With Bronze

Bronze is a metal which has typically been ignored by most watchmakers, until recently.  An alloy which contains copper and other metals like aluminum or nickel, it has a number of desirable properties, like ductility, stiffness and machinability. Plus, bronze is an ancient metal which is attractive visually and although it looks like gold it can be acquired for a fraction of the price.

The Re-issuance Of Vintage Watches

Another trend which has continued into 2019 is that of re-issuing vintage classics. One reason this trend has maintained its popularity is because watchmakers are unable to determine which new models will be successful, and it is much easier to look through their catalog to find older releases that can be remade for consumers today using the latest technologies. Furthermore, vintage designs are easier to produce and considered by many industry insiders more practical than the designs conceived by many contemporary developers. As such, for better or worse, many watch manufacturers today have not invested a great deal of money in development and research.

The Establishment Of Fair Prices

A growing number of watchmakers in 2019 have recognized that their products should be released with prices that are actually bearable by the market. As such, those looking to buy a new watch this year will find that the merchandise available to them carries a value which is much better than what would have been attainable just a few years ago. Much of this has to do with the rise of emerging markets such as China, where consumers demand quality for a practical price.