Why The DuoFlex Watch Strap is Perfect for Divers

DuoFlex Watch Strap
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Vintage & Luxury Watches

The Germany Company Sinn, which is well known for its dive watches, has recently developed a strap system that is specifically designed for those who spend lots of time underwater. Called the DuoFlex, its goal is to solve a common issue that both professional and recreational divers will be familiar with, which is the necessity of having a diving timepiece and strap that can rapidly be adjusted so that it fits on a wet suit with ease. While there are extension clasps on the market which advertise themselves as already doing this, most are inadequate at best.

Why DuoFlex Is Different

To understand this contraption, you must first know a bit about the company behind it. Sinn was founded during the 1960s by Helmut Sinn, a pilot and instructor who also had a talent for making watches for men employed in extreme occupations. He teamed up with the Aachen University Aerospace Technology Faculty, and together came up with TESTAF, which was a new standard for aviation watches. By the 1980s Sinn watches were being worn even by astronauts, but the company eventually recognized there was also a market among drivers. This led to the development of the U1 watch, which became an instant hit.

Those who already own the Sinn U watch will be familiar with the extension clasp it uses. This clasp allows wearers to readily adjust their strap length for 5 mm in multiple directions. However, what really makes this strap special are the lug extensions that you’ll find in the kit that comes with it. These proprietary lugs are either black PVD or uncoated which means that they may be selected to match the metal of your case as you desire. The system functions with all the U Series models that have a 44 mm diameter, and you have many options available when it comes to the silicon strap color you choose. There are five in total, which are white, blue, black, red or green.

The manner in which the strap works is simple. The strap made of silicon (which can be cut to the proper length by those who wear it) can also be attached to the spring bar which resides within the lug extension that has been specially formed, and which is needed since the strap requires friction which is top down from the hooded lug so it can stay in place. Sinn has stated that whenever the watch is worn on your wrist it is capable of withstanding force which is akin to watches that are normally affixed without dislodging.

How To Get The Most From It

Many who have tried the DuoFlex have stated that it can best be utilized by having two straps (one cut to a specific length you need and the other cut for the length of the wetsuit). Otherwise, divers might run into the same issues which are commonly experienced with standard claps.