Di Modolo Triadra 18K Gold Earrings Review

Di Modolo Triadra 18K Gold Earrings Review
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Antiques & Jewelry

Di Modolo is a prominent Italian jewelry house that uses a modern take on classical design. They are an innovative brand which is best known for their diamond and 18K gold pieces, one of the most popular of which is the Triadra 18K gold earrings.


The Triadra earrings were designed for contemporary women, with a distinct design and shape which is based on the jeweler’s philosophy that everything must emphasize beauty, clarity, and pleasure and movement freedom. As a consequence, Di Modolo has been able to conjure this extraordinary design, giving it prominent attention from many esteemed ladies including famous celebrities and dignitaries.

These earrings are manufactured in Italy which means their style is heavily influenced by both the elegance and passion which is an inherent part of Italian culture. Aside from gold and diamonds, Di Modolo is also adept in the usage of sterling silver. With the Triadra earrings, they unveil a fresh collection which encompasses the finest jewelry combined with unmatched craftsmanship and unique design.

One of the most respected Italian designers to collaborate with Di Modolo is none other than Patrizia Lingua, who has established herself as a leader and trendsetter when it comes to jewelry and fashion. Her expertise has been sought after by multiple fashion houses worldwide, and she has stated that she is inspired both by natural shapes and their movement. Her latest collection is the perfect manifestation of this, as it incorporates radiant colors that are used in such a way where they fulfill the style of each individual woman.


These earrings are part of the Triadra Argento sterling silver collection which takes buyers on a worldwide journey which leads from Sicily to Russia, Alaska, Turkey and New York. They are finely crafted and attached to diamonds that may be combined with pearls, precious stones or onyx for great effect. Each piece has its own identity which is connected to the larger Di Modolo culture. These earrings are 2.25 inches in length, with a maximum weight of 13.2 grams.

Aside from 18K gold, the Triadra earrings also use citrine, which give them both beauty and durability. This stone also has higher color saturation which means that the tone will be even from all angles. The gem was also chosen because it is natural, and since citrine is comprised primarily of silicon and oxygen it must be acquired in difficult to reach geodes which were formed in volcanic rock and lava. These earrings also display exceptional clarity since they are free of blemishes. Citrine is strongly associated with sunlight and vitality and was worn by both the ancient Romans and Greeks. As such the effects of light wear are greatly minimized and this combined with the stunning cabochon layout makes them absolutely irresistible. The gold used in the earrings was crafted in Italy and includes diamonds that use push backs.