Coin Spotlight: Great Britain Royal Arms Silver

Coin Spotlight Great Britain Royal Arms Silver
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Coins & Currency

The Great Britain Royal Arms is a fabulous silver coin which bears the modernized coat of arms which is carried by Queen Elizabeth II. She has the longest reign of any British monarch in history and is masterfully depicted on this one ounce coin.


The very first depiction of an English Royal Arms occurred around 1189 during King Richard I’s reign, who is more famously called Richard the Lionheart. His first design incorporated two yellow lions which sat on a red field, which were officially recognized and used throughout his reign. The latest silver coins depict a tradition of design which has evolved steadily during the last 1,000 years.

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of both the Commonwealth realms as well as the United Kingdom itself. She was born and raised in London, and is the very first child of the Duchess and Duke of York, who would later become Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. She began undertaking significant responsibilities publically during World War 2 and would become an Auxiliary Territorial Service member. By 1947 she wed Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, and would have four children with him. She became queen regnant by 1952 and functioned as the constitutional monarch who would oversee African decolonization as well as the independence of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Pakistan. Support for her rule has remained consistent, although she has faced criticism for the marital problems of her children.

Coin Highlights

Each 2019 British Royal Arms coin can be purchased in a Brilliant Uncirculated state directly from the English Royal Mint. The coins are individually placed inside plastic flips which provide protection, and multiples can be acquired inside mint tubes which contain 25 coins each. Customers seeking large bulk orders have the option of buying a “Monster” box which contains five hundred coins. Each coin displays radial lines in the reverse side which are tight whereas a guilloche appears in the background of the obverse side.

Also included in the obverse side is a right profile of Queen Elizabeth II herself, whose design was first produced in 2015 by artist Jody Clark. It is considered the fifth generation style depicting the Queen and is a celebration of her long reign. The image is so detailed that her braided hair can be seen. On the reverse side one can see the modernized Royal Arms which is currently used. A shield is visible in front which is quartered with three English lions that can be seen both in the lower right and upper left quadrants. The Irish Harp, which symbolizes Northern Ireland, can be seen on the bottom left, while the Scottish Rampant Lion can be seen on the top right. The shield and crown is flanked by the English Lion as well as the Scottish White Unicorn. This coin is sought after by collectors both in and outside the United Kingdom.