The Benefits of Using a Bennett Winch Watch Roll For Storage

The Benefits of Using a Bennett Winch Watch Roll For Storage
by: Ben Tseytlin - on Vintage & Luxury Watches

Serious watch collectors understand the importance of safely storing their vintage and luxury timepieces, especially when they travel. Although there are a few storage devices on the market, none match the style, sophistication and functionality of the Bennett Winch.

What Makes The Bennett Winch So Special?

Bennett Winch is a British company that specializes in leather products. Its watch roll is capable of holding a minimum of three watches, and what sets it apart from other similar devices is its superior build quality. Not only can it be used to carry watches, it can also function as a stylish presentation case, which is perfect for traveling salesman. Generally speaking, many watch owners are penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to storage. They will spend $10,000 or more for a watch, but will refuse to pay more than $50 for a case, which is a mistake.

Anyone who owns a high end watch should want to store it in a high end case, and the Bennett Winch fits the bill perfectly. It is expensive, as it should be, costing close to $1,000, but it is vastly superior to the usual mass produced hard rolls that you’ll find with most retailers, which are flimsy and likely to fall apart within a few years. Is this the type of case you really want to put your Breitling, Rolex or Omega in?


The Bennett Winch is large, which means you can carry watches of all sizes, but isn’t so big that it would be a hassle to carry through an airport. It comes in two variants, with the primary distinction being the leather color. One is black, while the other is brown. Beneath the leather is a fabric lining made out of Kevlar. This is the same material that is used in the ballistic vests worn by soldiers and police, so this gives you an idea of how tough and durable this case is. When you run your fingers along the stitching, it becomes instantly clear that this case has superb design, and is something you’ll be able to safely store your watches in for decades.

It has a hexagonal layout, which influences how it opens and closes. This also allows it to be setup for presentation when needed. The soft padding is made from Alcantara lining, which is the same material used in luxury cars. This also makes it perfect for laying the watch down. The case uses multiple flat sections, which can be rolled into a tray for presentation which gives it unmatched utility.

When you close it, these flat areas enable the case to maintain its structural shape, which means the structure will never become deformed, which is a common problem with lower end products. The three buttons are constructed from brass which closes the case similar to a classical military jacket. Padded cylinders are visible within that can be removed, and the interior uses an earthy green color. Best of all, it comes with a sectional component that keeps your watches separated so they don’t rub against one another.